Reimbursement Consulting

Let us help you with all aspects of reimbursement including Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care issues. Reimbursement consulting requires deep knowledge mixed with the data.Learn More

Cost Reporting

Cost Reporting

The average cost for preparing a nursing home cost report is $3,000 to $5,000.  Charges for hospital cost reports start at $,8000.  We have our clients post data into simple easy use formsLearn More


Data Services

We can convert your electronic information and turn it into revenue.  We parse  billing, payment and eligibility files and convert them into any format, including our proprietary tools Learn More

Our Message

The goal of all healthcare providers is to make sure they make good strategic decisions and collect all the revenue coming as a result of treating patients.

This first requires that we have the data to achieve these goals.  Essentially all the data in a well run healthcare provider comes in elctronic format.  We help clients harvest data to reach thier goals.

Next, it requires a deep undertsanding of the regulatory environment that the provider operates in.  We have been doing this for over 35 years.


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