Consulting and Audit Support

We got our start with sub contract audits of very large teaching hospitals for Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries including Aetna. Mutual of Omaha,  Blue Cross of Washington and Blue Cross of Oregon.  Using the skills and knowledge derived from this work, we went on to file appeals and support teaching hospitals accross the country with reimbursement of their graduate medical education programs.

Specialized Data

We can help you gather data from dozens of governemental sources or just harvest your own data to help you make sure you are making the best possible decisions.

Reducing Denials

The starting spot for reducing denials is determing the volumes and reasons for denials.  For us this starts with robust data parsing and analysis tools.  We are not your average consultants, we are data architects that use our tools to parse and harvest denials data.  This is followed up with revenue cycle expertise to determine the how and why of your denials.  Finally, we bring rebust reporting tools to play in tracking and reporting progress on denials management.